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      Date: Dec 31, 2013
     Title: 31 December 2013
So Christmas Day went well for us - Ila, Hanaoka and myself. Went to my mums for a cold meal, it was just what i needed. Samuel turned up so that was great. We then went on to his place to look at his roof as he is painting his house and roof and wants to get it right before painting.

We then went on to Michelle and Ross's to spend an hour. His house was packed full of happy people good food and Plenty of smiles. Talking of Ross, I called in to the gallery with my mother and it was a well worth it exhibition loved it all. It is on till the end of Jan so have a look.

Boxing Day i got back into the work at the studio plumbed the toilet in so thats all working. Hanaoka fitted the door handles to the Kitchen while i got the door latches and handles on the main doors. I have had Rick doing the waste pipes from the kitchen and bathroom.

Rick is a very keen road cyclist and had his bike shipped with him out here. Well the other day he rode from here right up to the plateau above the mountain house. Now that is all up hill from here and real hard going from Stratford up (I would make it to the Huiroa saddle if i were lucky HA )  and then he turned around and rode home .... UMM i had to shake his hand .....

I spent a  day doing the GST Kept getting these NICE letters from the tax department (nice for a sadist )
I'm only 3 months late ...I have been waiting 3 years for some things i want ..AND they owe me money ....UMMMM

Getting ready to pick Plums for the Farmers Market the other day and over flew 5 black swan something you never see out here in the heartland. Then Hanaoka and i were up ladders picking and a pair of rosellas landed in the tree wondering what we were doing with their plums
.............Well i hate to tell um ........  But you know what its just great to have food for us and to sell and have some for the wild life. I am noticing more and more wildlife as Avonstour matures.

Ila and Hanaoka picked most of the plums for the Farmers Market. The market was slower due to the holidays and lots of locals away but we had good music lots of banter with other stall holders. That makes the day for us and the whole exercise worthwhile and the fact you are with a lot of like minded people.

On the bureaucratic front We just got our rating for food safety and we got........... A ..............yes A rate .....WOW. It may well have been worse as when we got back from the market i just could not find my food safety plan book. Filled the blooming thing out for 8 years and never been asked for it and the ONE day i needed it for inspection it was GONE. We were all in a mad flap on the far, on the phone Justin, Richard, must have packed it away with the table cloths, etc had meeting in an hour and no book takes two hours or more to New Plymouth.
The problem is we get heaps of help to pack up at the market and no one knew or could remember were it went. Then Hanaoka came running up the house steps so fast she BROKE a board .........Found it .... was in the empty cardboard boxes would have been burned ......WoowOOO    .....AN ....    A ...

British reporter says cold snow only on hills..... from Shropshire

so with the Bergamot in full flower in the herb garden we enter 2014
yes 2014 ...The year of the family farms ........And its going to be a good one ...
more changes and good ones

So Happy new year and see you locals Sunday...
for the rest of you in NZ and overseas Happy New Year as well.