Categories: From the Farm This Week
      Date: Jun  4, 2014
     Title: 4 June 2014
Well, how you getting on with this cold and we have just started this, we are not even up to the shortest day

and the trees are shedding fast. The farm is getting that  winter look and I don't like it. I like the place dripping with food plums one week and then onto apples, plenty of greens in the garden and the livestock happy and fat and the sun pulling the grass up out the ground. HA just thinking about it makes me happy ..

I have the Wwoofers and Regan cutting the shade trees from around the house to let more light in and the more they cut the bigger the job. I sure need a big chipper like the one the power Co contractors have it can chip logs up to a foot round. Just spot on for mulch and compost ..

Nadine the German girl who was wwoofing has gone to the tourist spots as she only has 10 days left in NZ. We are all missing her and that is the animals as well as she was always vigilant for something wrong and made sure the best was done. I do hope she comes back some day.

Alex is proving to be a very competent cook and loves to try new cooking and we have a get mix of food so there is always something new to cook and we all love the food.

We have a short stay wwoofing couple Ricado and Sara only a 5 day stay. I wish they were here for a year as they are both in the right head space and are very good workers.