Categories: From the Farm This Week
      Date: Jun 11, 2014
     Title: 11 June 2014
Yep umm  yep Dick yep I know you have phoned 7 times but you keep telling me when I can get my cattle in, it's a total waste of your phone call if you are going to tell me when to get them in as I'm so busy ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, in the morning what, at 8 ,,,.....come on these cattle have never been in the yard, look I'v still got a bung leg from getting kicked last TB testing because you upset them so much I could have been killed you know Dick.
Yes it was over 3 years ago but I still have trouble with my leg and I tell you what the only way TB will get to this Valley is on the back of a truck its nuts carting cows from all over the country to eat the sheep and beef farms grass ... But you have to test it's the law ...Dick how is my closed herd going to get TB ...from possums John ....Don't start me on that Dick where is the possum going ta get it from ..the blooming back of a truck from cows carted everywhere and .....yes and......all they eat on their farms is blooming palm kernel and nitrogen fed grass .. John what is that got to do with getting your cattle in for TB testing. OK Dick I just thought I would chuck that in for good measure. Right they will be in the yard at 7 in the morning ........But you will have to do the job on your own as we will be all away.

The problem with our cattle is (not a problem a strength totally) as you know we are Organic, our cows and bulls never need to be yarded like conventional cattle, drenched, dipped and messed with weekly. Moved with an electric fence. These cattle are run on the hills like wild animals, grazing and browsing what they like. THAT'S why the meat tastes so good ....But makes for wild cattle when boxed in ...

So 10 days until the shortest day and winter has been with us for 12 officially, the trees are shedding leaves fast and the woofers have been raking them up for the compost .The rain just keeps coming and the farm has that winter feel. I am kerbing the temptation to feed hay as we start feeding the fallow on the shortest day along with the hay to stock around the house.This way we just make it through for the spring flush. Well we hope so anyway.

We have no Woofers on site for two weeks unless we get a email from some this week. Alex has continued his travels we are going to miss him and his fantastic cooking ..Yes he was a top cook willing to try new things. I did have a French couple email me to come with a very good email ,,,,Hi John love the look of your farm, love to help and learn .....Blaa bla so I put off other woofers, got the good food sorted, work sorted and got an email 3 hours before arrival time. Sorry we got an email back from another host just before yours,,,,. Well the email came in and I replied  within an hour. The thing is this over 10 French couples  have done this ...O well their loss.

Unfortunately Dee's course failed to get enough people to sign up so did not run this time so I sort of lost a day but I have so much to do a spare day is good .

We are all on foot at the moment, the Mule (Kawasaki) broke in half, yes the booming under carriage rusted through so its getting welded and main beams replaced ..A very big job but cheaper than another one (I hope) should be back next week.

So that's this week while we all have the rain and its winter.