Categories: From the Farm This Week
      Date: Jun 17, 2014
     Title: 17 June 2014
So the TB test was done and all clear (I could have told them that without all the work)

GST yes Fiona has done my GST, well two months of it, it's a huge weight off me, I just get so busy and time is always hard to find.

Ila has finished the hemp house and only has to go back and help do the rendering that's the plaster outside and in and now she is home helping again so that's really good as i'm short of labour on the farm at the moment. I am also short of sleep, when it comes to dogs, Ila is so soft. She called at a friend who had some half grown pig dog hunting pups they could not find new homes for. So onto facebook Ila goes and finds homes for them and spends two days of valuable time with Regan delivering them way up north. BUT yes. But one ended back here for two nights and it spent the whole time whining and barking and twice as loud at night .. I have been shattered ..the worst thing was I was sure it was at that the farm down the road had a new dog so did not tell Ila to do something about it. Ila sleeps like a log and it takes more than a dog to wake her ... Anyway spoze she is making up for it now working and catching up ..

Regan has been cleaning up trees for fire wood that have blown down, pines that were here when I first got here. He has been working at the tree nursery for a fair bit of the week as well.

We have just got the Mule back today. a Total rebuild. A big job, a totally  new chassis but cheaper than a new machine.

We have a new wwoofer on site Barbara, a German girl from a small farm in Germany with poultry, rabbits and a few sheep and gardens. So she loves it here. Her village has just under 100 people and her English is not as good but I think it will work alright.

So Saturday I was to give a speech at Parihaka and with labour short on the farm it was a huge rush to get the market stuff sorted as I had to pick the meat up and have the chiller on the ute going and then plug it all in at Fiona's and then Fiona drive me to Parihaka.

So before I start this was said on Sunday at the market ..John how could you ever make this stuff up. Its just you and how things go ..UMMM

So with all the ute loaded with all the market stuff for the stall ......a full load .....The chiller  full and Generator going off I drove... in good time taking the back way up the winding Standish Road just got up to the top and BOOF BANG...... what the hell is that .......pulling over O NO!
A NO, O hit, No the blooming chiller has fallen of the UTE ....Meat all over the road luckily pet mince mostly.. But meat none the less ..
Now Standish is a very back road and I think I was the token vehicle the chance of help was slim and it takes at least two people to get the chiller on. So I took off my tie and good coat and shirt and dragged the chiller up a bank and backed the ute up and with much effort got it on. Picked up most of the frozen pet food and drove on .........Got to Midhirst and went to my shirt pocket for my spare false tooth (as i'm missing one in the front that got smashed out with a wild sheep a year or so ago). It was gone I must have dropped it out ..U TURN drive back ..three hawks picking up meat and no spare tooth anywhere. Hope they choke on it ....Now i'm blooming real late ..

The talk went well even with the lateness,  Fiona had helped heaps with the power point and my words were well received.
You know for me it was a great honour to speak at Parihaka. I was very impressed with the whole place the gardens, the food Forrest.
The history .....The fantastic passion that is lost in the modern world ....I am positive we will do more together.

So see you locals Sunday and for the rest of you Remember this Quote ...."NEVER SAY NEVER "......have to rush and get sorted for the  Dee's organic night class visit ..this Saturday .