Categories: From the Farm This Week
      Date: Jun 25, 2014
     Title: 25 June 2014
Well we are now past the shortest day and as usual the weather is packing it in. We have moved most of the livestock onto the fallow and its a good time for the Damaras as they are lambing. We have lots of different colours coming through. Reds, red and white, roans and more, makes lambing more fun at least, not that I dislike lambing time, I love it.

We have always had the rule when the leaves are off the trees, we don't run courses or have public visits as some people do not understand at this time you have mud ........the green gets less and less........... the livestock is in winter mode ...........and not a butterfly or flower to be seen.
So with the place covered in fallen leaves mud and rain I ran a open day for Dee's Organic WITT group.
It went fantastic, its really great when you get a group of like minded people at Avonstour and they got it.

All of our netted winter Gardens have to be cleared of leaves daily as all the leaves push the netting down onto the plants but the winter veg is coming along well.

You know Taranaki is a great place where else can you pull up in a small town like Inglewood, hop out of you car and hear.... Hi John ..How ya going Mike, where you off to, Wellington to play, Ha good one talk, more talk blah. This is Mike Harding the world class singer ....................................................

I walk over to the TSB bank and hear Hi John, how is it Sue how's work yes, yes Blah talk..more talk ....Do the banking and back to car. Hi John, Hi Mike. Now this Mike is Mike Self you know the lotto man, yes that one with the dog ..Yes with the winning ticket ..Yes on TV ..Yes that's right the Guy who had the Channel 7 program and is still filming, talk more talk ...and off I go.
Yes it's great Taranaki .. Inglewood is not my town but it's a Taranaki town and that's how Taranaki works .............

So with the wind and rain today I have to get out around the farm get the stock fed. Only one volunteer Barbara helping and Ila is spending time shifting into the Sleep Out. The house looks like a bomb hit it can't believe all that stuff was in her bedroom and that needs to be free for a woofer next week.