Meat & Eggs


All our animals are heritage breeds and are bred for taste and not fast production.  Each animal is hand-picked for sale as meat.  We are not factory-farmers, therefore all our meat is seasonal, depending on the natural breeding season of the animals, and only ready for processing some months of the year.

We take whole and/or half animal orders, with cuts tailored to what you want.  The cost is dependent on the animal and the cuts required.   Low budget options are available.

We can also do mixed box orders where people group together to each receive a box containing different meat cuts and eggs.  Please contact us if you are interested in joining with others to share an animal.

We welcome restaurant business.

Please come and visit us at the Farmers' Market in New Plymouth on Sunday mornings or contact us for your needs.


We have plentiful bantam, chicken and duck eggs in season.


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